Our congregation has just done some thing currently impossible for a Catholic congregation to replicate: It offers voted to call a woman because our associate pastor. Your wife will be the fourth woman to be able to serve in that capacity in your congregation's 150-year history.
My job here is not to inform the Catholic church your company ordain women as priests, though that would be my placement if I were Catholic. Instead, I'm going to try to give Catholics a sense of what having female clergy can do to create a full and wholesome approach to ministry.

First, our pastor nominating committee -- elected through our congregation -- has been well aware from the beginning that it would not be reviewing applications through only men. This promptly meant a more inclusive process -- and not just for the several women who served on committee, but for the three men, far too. After all, it required you committee members to be attuned to the possibility that our subsequent associate pastor, unlike the actual recently retired person who possessed held that job, could be female.

So committee members were working on an even performing field with each other when it came to girl or boy considerations. And it's helpful not to ever have power differences when it comes to working toward the same purpose.

Next, when Kristin Riegel joins our staff this summer, she will have all the theological and pastoral authority our male pastor has, except that she won't be head of staff. What happened when we brought on to our staff our first female associate rabadán when my daughters ended up young will happen again: Young ladies throughout the church will be able to that is amazing one day, they might be called for you to ordained Boys tattoo shirt ministry in this way. Neither of my daughters became pastors. They're both school staff. But it was, nonetheless, beneficial to them to recognize that being a clérigo was not outside the realm of possibility.

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To have as open a future as possible is a great reward to children. When this mother was growing up inside a Presbyterian church well before each of our denomination ordained its initial female pastor in 1956, Mom's most realistic possibilities for careers outside the property were teaching and nursing. She wound up doing a bit of teaching along with other jobs in Whale birthday shirt which slowly opened up to women, but the possibility that she might become a pastor was simply out of the question for her since a child. It's not out of the question for the a lot of little girls in our congregation today.

Female pastors sometimes possess brought to our congregation products different from those of male pastors. One was deeply into hymnody and opened our own eyes to the breadth involving hymns available and to their own ability to marinate us throughout theology. Another spent a part of an earlier career in movie theater work and brought that will dramatic sensibility to her preaching, especially in sermons aimed at children.

I'm not suggesting that male pastors can't be nurturing and empathetic, but when our nephew was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it was our female associate pastor who understood most certainly that some of what I required was simply her presence -- without lame theological explanations for what happened, not having cliché words of comfort and ease we often offer thoughtlessly. Merely her silent presence.

We men, including male pastors, often just want to fix things. Female pastors, in my experience, are less interested in fixing things than they are in listening to what individuals in pain have to claim about what hurts.

It's not that female clergy are better than all their male counterparts or the other way round. It's that they're different. And in a congregation like plantigrade and a denomination like our own in which women can be ordained to the same ministry since men, we are more likely to obtain the full range of pastoral knowledge and approaches possible. I am sure I would miss that very if I ever were to enroll in a Catholic congregation.

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