It may seem kind of obvious, but make sure to register your site with the major search engines. Many people assume this is done automatically. Check back from time to time to make sure that your site is still there and being found. Even if you are pages deep in the results, you need to know that it is finding you at some point.

Let's do some quick math to illustrate why it's so hard to make money with an average affiliate marketing merchant. Let's say you're getting paid 10% on a sale and the average sale is $50 dollars. That means you're making $5 bucks a pop on a sale. Typical conversion rates in affiliate marketing are 1 to 2% if you know what you're doing. Higher conversion rates are typically the domain of super affiliates with years of experience.

At that point I started submitting the video to all of the major video sites. I waited to do this because I didn't want everyone linking to THOSE sites. I was greedy and wanted the links all to myself. Once I had enough links pointing to this page my client got the #3 position for his keyword and the traffic started flooding in!

seo Ninja Style -> This is not the usual SEO stuff that we see so many Internet gurus are teaching nowadays. This is very different, I have not used this method before but I'm going to try it soon. This seo - More inspiring ideas, strategy is very powerful for ranking your web pages on top of Google.

With all of the link confusion, it is a constant source for debate: reciprocal is OK, as long as it is relevant and from a high PR site. One way is the only way to go, but only if it is relevant and from a high PR site. What is high PR anyway, is it anything above 3 or 4 or 5?