Top Eleven is being developed by the Serbian indie developer Nordeus and today is considered to be the best manager game in Facebook with 6,6 million active users per month. It is designed to apply in both those that enjoy Football Manager and wish to try a free-to-play MMO manager or nonchalant football lovers too.

First of all Top Eleven is very easy to learn (even women play it). You start by making your team (Name, Symbol, Home-Away shirt). After that you've got the tutorial guidance of..Jose Mourinho to learn the game's basics.

Top Eleven has the most smart game engine among all other supervisor games in Facebook. A stadium's attendance gives 0-5% possession depending on whether the arena is full or not. When you watch your match live you earn 8% possession for your team plus boosters. But the main idea is you could invite friends and family in the game and have them as supporters with each one of them giving 2% possession. Game engine is being revealed just with match comment and possession bar (like Championship Manager 3 collection) but this might change in the future with a 2D pitch with dots, like Championship Manager 4, or even game sounds in important events, like goals, opportunities and cards.

Transports are being made by auctions using in-game cash tokens. For each and every bid you lose a token. So as a way to enter each command round you must lose a token. At the end, the supervisor that bids (loses) the most tokens will win the auction as well as the money of his bid will likely be reduced from his entire balance. In case your tokens end you should buy them using credit/debit card or make an effort to earn free tokens through some approaches being given sometimes by programmers.

Another method of spending tokens is boosters. You have health, morale and fitness boosters. It's possible for you to spend them to reduce injury time, give higher morale to players or enhance their fitness after a training to be prepared for the next match. In case your boosters finish you can spend tokens to add more.

You always start with Level 1 at the point of season where everyone else is. At the conclusion of season the top 7/14 teams will level up and the top 4 will gain access to the Champions League. There's also a Cup draw with other users, similar to your degree.

You can have a maximum of 22 players (starting 11 7 subs). Each player has 15 characteristics broken up to 3 groups: Defence, Assault and Physical & Mental. It's possible for you to level up them as you wish after each match. Considering tactics, you can play any system you need with indepth characteristics about attitude, pressing, focus passing etc.

The most negative thing with Top Eleven is that when tokens end you have to spend real cash to get some (14 Tokens price 1.55 euros) and you will definitely want them to get more players, outbidding other managers. Of course you can be extremely careful and offer to players early in the morning ot late at night so you have more chances of getting them. Some other minor problems that have to do with servers (mainly players not supporting each other due to being in different server) are about to be solved by Nordeus in the future. Typically, it is an extremely addictive experience which will keep you for several years to have.

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